Insurance Prudential BSN Takaful

 your smart cheap easy and quick takaful islamic insurance product


             There are a lot of Takaful products in the market. Here the explanation takaful plan will focus on Prudential BSN Takaful. The only takaful a Medical Card or Medical Card Takaful Takaful.

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Keeping in Prudential BSN Takaful has two functions in one of

1 - Syariah-based saving investment.

2 - Protection..

So, we are a consumer choosing a savings of two in one.


With a Medical Card or Medical Card Prudential BSN Takaful, it becomes easy.

1 - No need to worry about hospital bills to pay before using their own money first.

2 - Costs is incurred by the hospital and the claim is directly managed by the hospital to the

the takaful operator without the need for self-financing by the victim first.

Methods common claims without takaful pru SBN Medical Card.

1 - Pay your hospital bills with your own money first.

2 - Forward the receipt a receipt to the takaful operator.

3 - Wait until the claims process is completed and get back your money.


By Medical Card Prudential BSN Takaful is always carried in the wallet.

1 - We directly be known as the Prudential BSN Takaful medical card holder with quick and easy if something happen.

2 - The hospital or public people that help us no need to refer the original policy which is usually kept at home.


With a minimum package of RM125 per month. Imagine you are entitled to protections for the following items of your choice: -

1 - the basic death benefit.

2 - total and permanent disability.

3 - Death due to accident.

4 - Permanent disability due to accident.

5 - Medical Protection.

6 - Major medical coverage.

7 - Hospital benefits.

8 - Support for disability income crisis.

9 - Protection of the crisis.

10 - Weekly cash assistance.

11 - The annual benefits.

12 - Contributor spouse or parent.